Fine Products Pvt. Ltd. established in 1994 under the guidance of Mr. Ajeeth
Bengani (MD) is into manufacturing of PVC compounds at its manufacturing plant in
Bhiwadi (Rajasthan).

Fine, as the name suggests believes in transparency at all levels of its operations, be
it purchase, production, sales and ensures they are carried out in a very controlled
manner. A young aspiring company, just 26 years as of now, certified by DNV to the
prestigious ISO 9001and 14001 : 2015 sees many more years of dedicated hard work to
prosper and grow.

Our Journey

The journey started with developing PVC Compounds required for General Purpose
in Cables, be it sheathing and insulation grade for Power / Flexible or Flat cable, Shoe
as well as Auto sector. Gradually it ventured into the high-tech compounds required
for cables, developing them for varied conditions such as Low temperature
compounds (suitable for -55 degrees) / Heat Resistant compounds (suitable for
temperature ranging 85 – 125 degrees)/ FRLS / UV and OIL resistant & as per UL grade
compounds. Lately, with the development of REACH and ROHS compliant
compounds, it certainly has made a big leap into the industry for specialized
segment and has shown a relative concern towards the environment by going
green in compounds as well.

Key Persons

Mr. Ajeeth Bengani  (Managing Director)  - ajeeth@fineproducts.co.in

Mr. Dev Bengani (Director) - dev@fineproducts.co.in